Package of 90 cartridges for a 3D pen (filament PLA 1.75mm)

Package 90 PLA ​​cartridges 1.75mm for 3D ball pen, consisting of 3 sets of 30 colors. More cartridges are more fun! Design, print and enjoy the high quality of our 3D cartridges!

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Package 90 pcs of 3D pen cartridges.

The package consists of 3 standard sets of cartridges of 30 pieces each and a length of 2m. Total 180m filament PLA. 

PLA filament in size 1.75 mm designed for 3D pens is a biodegradable eco-friendly material, so-called eco-plastic, bio-plastic. The raw material for production is imported from the USA. PLA cartridges do not contain heavy metals or dangerous substances in accordance with the EU regulation.

Material: PLA filament,
Diameter: 1.75mm,
Length of fiber: 2m,
Printing temperature: 185-225 ° C,
Accuracy: +/- 0.05mm,
Roundness: 0.05mm

Contributions manufactured in Poland by PLASTSPAW.


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