Package 60 PLA ​​cartridges 1.75mm for 3D pen

A package of 60 filaments PLA 1.75mm - inserts for a 3D pen consisting of 2 sets of a mixture from a 30-color palette.

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A pack of 60 pieces of 3D pen refills.

PLA is an eco-friendly biodegradable material, so-called eco-plastic, bio-plastic. The raw material for production is imported from the USA.

PLA cartridges do not contain heavy metals or dangerous substances in accordance with the EU regulation. Very high quality PLA filament in size 1.75 mm designed for 3D pens. Contributions manufactured in Poland by the oldest manufacturer PLASTSPAW.

By buying a set you will receive 2 x 30 cartridges in various colors, each with a minimum length of 2 meters. Including, among others, a contribution shining in the dark, colored transparent cartridges and luminescent cartridges.

The special PLA recipe allows you to draw in the air, do not drip and has a modeline structure.


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